Tribal print fanzine pattern page yes tribal print with fine liner print tribal

tribal print fanzine pattern page yes tribal print with fine liner print tribal

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He Who Hesitates Is Lost(a person who doesn't act decisively is unlikely tosucceed)If you want to buy that new car you've been looking at, you'd better hurry up.Why?Don't you read the papers? Next month the state sales tax is going up a whole cent. That wiladd up to a lot of money on a car! He who hesitates is lost.I've been holding off because the dealer told me there would soon be a factory-authorizedrebate on the car I want. But I see your point. If I delay in purchasing the car, I may never get another chance to buy it at the current price. Maybe I'd better not wait for the factoryrebate—especial y if it comes through after the new taxes go into effect.Wise decision. Get hopping!


No Pain, No Gain(nothing can be accomplished without effort)Is Chiqui off practicing again?Yes, that's al she does. She's up at four in the morning, and by five she's already at the ice rink.She puts in two ful hours of practice before going to school. Then after school, she practices for another three hours with her partner.That's a crushing routine. How does she do it?No pain, no gain. She wants to be a champion ice skater, so she's working hard to perfect her technique and skil s.At this rate she'l make it by the time she's out of high school.Maybe even sooner. She is one determined young lady. She knows that without great effortand discipline she'll never achieve her goal.


Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained(you can't achieve anything if you don't try)For years Tanya dreamed of participating in the ice-skating competitions in the Olympics. Whentryouts for the team were announced, Tanya doubted that she could qualify, but she thought:nothing ventured, nothing gained. After al , she knew that if she didn't at least try to make the team, she would never realize her ambition. It's a good thing she didn't let fear oruncertainty keep her from trying out. She did bril iantly and made the team, then won a silvermedal for her country.

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