Tribal print printable art poster tribal arrows print printable love etsy tribal print

tribal print printable art poster tribal arrows print printable love etsy tribal print

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Old Habits Die Hard(it is very difficult to change an established pattern ofbehavior)When I ran into Neil the other day he was coughing up a storm. Is he OK?Who knows? He's as OK as he'l ever be.I don't get you.He's taken up smoking again. You know he had quit for about a year, but I guess old habits diehard. The doctor even warned him that he would have health problems if he continued tosmoke.What made him start again?As I said, it's very difficult to change a set habit. He was doing quite wel until he had some personal problems. He must have started smoking again to al eviate the strain of dealing withthem.That's too bad. His health is bound to suffer.


One Man's Gravy Is Another Man'sPoison(what is pleasing to one person may not be pleasingto another)Elaine, we haven't been out for a while. Why don't we take in the symphony tomorrow night?Charles, you know I've never been able to sit through an entire concert of classical music. Howabout going to hear that new rock group at Danny's instead?And get my ears blown off? No way!It just goes to show you that one man's gravy is another man's poison.Wel , I realize that what pleases one person may not please someone else. But let'scompromise. Come to the symphony concert tomorrow night, and on Saturday I'l take you tohear that rock group. Is it a deal?OK. I'l even get you a set of ear plugs so you won't go deaf.


The Spirit Is Willing, but the Flesh IsWeak(a person's body is not always as strong as his or hermind)Greetings, Elena. Where have you been keeping yourself lately?Hi, Paula. Actual y, I've been working out at the gym and doing aerobic dance.It real y shows! What prompted you to go in for al this exercise?I had my yearly checkup, and Dr. Mena told me that I had to lose twenty pounds.So he put you on a diet, right?He sure did! But I couldn't stay with it. I would lose five or six pounds, and then I'd put the weight right back on again. The truth is I can't keep away from food.I see. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.Absolutely right! I want to lose the weight, but I don't have the willpower to ignore thosegnawing pangs of hunger. Since I love to eat, I decided to exercise in addition to trying to diet.That way I can burn off any extra calories.You're obviously succeeding. I've never seen you look better.

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