Yellow coloring page yellow finch coloring pages download and print for free coloring yellow page

yellow coloring page yellow finch coloring pages download and print for free coloring yellow page

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Three Tips of the day with examples!


Haste Makes Waste(when one hurries too much, one is likely to do apoor job and have to waste time doing it over)Jacques, I warned you not to be in such a hurry to clear those dirty dishes off the tables! Nowlook what you did!OK. So I slipped and dropped al the plates. Don't get so upset. I'l clean up the mess.That's not the point. How many times do I have to tel you that haste makes waste?I'l admit that hurrying often creates problems that must be solved, but this real y wasn't my fault. The floor was slippery.That's no excuse. If you hadn't been rushing around, you would have been more careful andprobably wouldn't have slipped.


Love Makes the World Go Round(when people show respect and consideration forone another, the world is a better place)What's wrong, Kumi? Why are you so upset?It's those new neighbors of ours. They play their stereo so loud at night that I can't sleep. I've had it. I'm going to go over there and give them a piece of my mind!Hold it! You won't accomplish anything by hol ering at them. You're al worked up now. Why notwait until you cool down a bit? Don't you know that love makes the world go round?I agree that the world would be a better place to live if people respected and loved eachother, but right now. . .Not another word! Let's try it my way. I'l bake some cookies, and later on we'l take them nextdoor and introduce ourselves. We can casual y mention the problem after we get to know ournew neighbors. I'm sure they'l cooperate.


One Good Turn Deserves Another(a favor should be repaid with another favor)Eva felt very sorry for her next-door neighbor, Elaine. The two women had been living next toeach other for years and had become close friends. Years ago, when Eva lost her husband,Elaine was there to console her and bolster her spirits. Eva had never forgotten the emotionalsupport of her friend, and she strongly believed that one good turn deserves another. NowElaine was quite il , so Eva made a point of spending the days with her friend, tending to herneeds and helping to nurse her back to health. It was not just because she felt that Elaine'skindness should be repaid with another favor. Eva was genuinely concerned about herfriend and wanted to help her out.

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